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Need dating advice? Want to know how to get away with murder? Forgot how to boil an egg? No problem! Just ask Queen!

The first chapter explains how the book works. If you have any questions on how to get advice you can ask me :)

~ the original queen advice book ~

Alright boys, how about this : 
                              My school is having an open-house BBQ on Wednesday, it's also "Meet the Teacher" night. I don't want to make a fool of myself with my parents being there and everything. Do you guys have any idea of what I should do ?
Okay, boys. I have a good one for you... What should I do if the guy I like (the guy I've liked since we were about 7 or 8) doesn't like me? Liek, at all. I tried talking to him the other day and he gave me a dirty look.
There's so many horrible things going on in my life, and my depression is getting the better of me. I'm desperate to talk to someone about it all but I feel like that's attention-seeking...is it? Do I deserve to be able to let my feelings out?
What do you do on Halloween if you don't like to go to parties and you're too old to trick or treat?
banana80311 banana80311 Nov 27
Btw I'm also a COMPLETE introvert and I'm super awkward when I talk to people I'm not really close with
Mina_TS Mina_TS Sep 13
I don't have any question right now, I just want to say that I love this idea very much. I gonna keep following up the updates and your precious advices  boys!