Things Are Not What They Seem

Things Are Not What They Seem

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Call me Star or Starlight By xStarliightzx Updated Mar 26, 2011

Kailyn (pronounced Cay-lin) had been kidnapped--and her parents killed--right when she was born, and was raised and trained by the most dangerous assassin in the world at the S.A.A. (Secret Assassination Agency). She was taught all the wrong things, and was isolated from the goodness of life. 

	At age nine, her "father" has her going through the top most dangerous training of all, surpassing all the others at the agency. At age fourteen, she's out killing important people--mayors, rockstars, people of the government...

	Kailyn has become her father's pawn, killing whoever he wants without knowing what's really going on. She was raised to not know right from wrong, and finally, at age seventeen, she is sent on a mission to kill the president.

                     On the way she meets a boy. A boy around her age, who is different. She doesn't understand him, but seems to have this undying pull towards him, and she will soon learn that everything is not what it seems.