second chance. | shattered sequel

second chance. | shattered sequel

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two years later. 
have things changed? 
is a second chance needed? or was one enough?



Hahahaha this nega only got FIVE favorites and Nine retweets lmbo
lilbabybri lilbabybri Oct 07
Over your dead daughter then watch he going to want her back
Daniel is so messed up its bad enough what he did to Zonnique but denying you have kids and one of your kids died that's very messed up but he won't denied the fact that he has a child by Bahja and calling there child his first child truly messed up
tae_lovve tae_lovve Aug 16
Loool. I know if i saw one without knowing that, i would probably be all up and down twitter for this i swear😂😭
Since my dumb ahh can't understand this fake did tou use an app to make this if so what app
mootdiggs mootdiggs Aug 11
Half of me is like "don't go to the concert, you're literally just asking for drama that will drag everyone down" and the other half is like "first born..... drag him to hell"