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Damaged Goods ~ A 5sos Lashton story

Damaged Goods ~ A 5sos Lashton story

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krispycarrotz By krispycarrotz Completed

"Fat fat fat," Luke clawed at his body. "All I am, is fat."  - Luke Hemmings is ugly. Luke Hemmings is fat. Luke Hemmings likes to puke. Luke Hemmings despised eating. Luke Hemmings is every negative comment made about him. Luke Hemmings is gay. Luke Hemmings is pretending. Luke Hemmings is damaged goods.   Ashton Irwin is hot. Ashton Irwin is skinny. Ashton Irwin loves to eat. Ashton Irwin is smart. Ashton Irwin is amazing. Ashton Irwin is everything Luke needs. Ashton Irwin is gay. Ashton Irwin is pretending. Ashton Irwin is noticing. Ashton Irwin is falling in love.

_______Lea _______Lea Mar 25
Luke chimed in with a haven't you people ever heard of the god damn door
_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ Dec 30, 2016
What?!?!? Who the fûck eats biscuits for breakfast?!?
                              I'm confused 
                              Plz help 😂😂
Ok hang on 
                              Does he mean a pumice stone? Because they are used to remove dead skin on your feet. He probably means that. But why the hell would you want to rub a rough stone over already delicate rashy skin I mean what. 
                              I have eczema and that's the last thing you wanna do
food1002 food1002 Jun 26, 2016
...I just randomly remembered Luke is gonna be 20 soon.... like guys hes just finishing his teenage years... hes accomplished so much... they all have... why does this make me so sad...?
_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ Dec 30, 2016
Is this a weird American thing where you eat biscuits for breakfast?!?!
cuddlinghoodd cuddlinghoodd Jul 29, 2015
" @ luke5sos how about you tweet some fans instead of tweeting someone in the room you're next to punk" - Calum Hood