The Cursed One ✔ - Book One of the Phoenix Trilogy

The Cursed One ✔ - Book One of the Phoenix Trilogy

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Book One of the Phoenix Trilogy

Winner of "The Best of Fantasy World" in The Angel Awards



Venuscha "Venus" Andrews. 

Impulsiveness was just one of her "adorable" traits when she decided to go with a stranger towards an unknown magical realm as a student for a fire-wielding school-The Phoenician Academy.

However, she was plunged into an ancient prophecy the Phoenicians believed. A heavy burden of being the "Perfect Vessel" of a goddess along with the rivalry of two dashing princes vying for her heart wherein she confusingly, equally adored.

Moreover, her predicaments dramatically escalated when a circle of evil beings called Sorcerers claimed her as their princess. 

Having the lowest level of fire and equipped with no fighting ability other than running away while shrieking like a cow who was about to be slaughtered...

Would she be able to live up to Phoenician's standards and survive?

Join our feisty but comical heroine on her journey towards the unveiling of the Phoenix Saga.


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