If Santa Had a Son

If Santa Had a Son

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Sammie By XxSwimmer_ChickxX Completed

Bree Anderson was just harmlessly driving to her grandmas house one snowy winter evening with her best friend, Mackenzie Johnson.  Harmlessy until she hits a young boy about her age, that is!  That night changes her life forever, in ways she never thought to expect. She had always believed in Santa Clause, but this was rediculious!  And all she had wanted was to get to her grandmas house.


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Published 12/25/11
Completed 10/31/12

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Tbh, I'd be that friend who says "keep driving, bïtch!" But still get caught
devilangellia devilangellia 7 days ago
you know....
                              technically this is ILLEGAL
                              no minor shall transport another
run_gbb run_gbb Mar 31
I did until I found a movie under my moms bed that a few weeks later "Santa" gave to my little sister
Way to fast lmao I can't picture doing that in real life her friends probably like where tf she at
I assumed her friend said it because I remember her friend saying it when they was outside
marvelized marvelized Nov 27, 2016
how do u know her name??......... "how to be hot to creepy in 2 seconds 101"