A Sacrifice for Varkanah (On Indefinite Hold)

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James Delaney Swinney By JamesDSwinney Updated 3 years ago
Terrilor has definitely not always been a peaceful nation. Even from the very beginning, when men first came to the island, they warred with the native elves. Over the many generations since humankind first arrived in Terrilor, much has happened. Wars have been fought between powerful men with mighty armies at their backs. Rebellions have been staged, with the peasantry overthrowing their tyrannical masters. The slave trade was abolished, and bitter war erupted from this. Wealth has been acquired and lost, friendships made and broken, Gods have reigned and been forgotten. Since the overthrowing of the Naburan Kings, however, peace has reigned for nigh on two centuries. 
    However, this seemingly endless peace is shaken to its very core when, out of nowhere arises a new god, one that no one has heard of. The Forgotten One, Varkanah, God of Blood and Lord of Hell, is hungry from long years of starvation. For generations he has gone without that which gives him sustenance: blood. When Varkanah’s new prophet, a mysterious magician called Balahim, leads an army against the serene prairie village of Valdi and slaughters the people there for Varkanah’s thirst, the only survivors, a young man named Saeran Randsly and his cousin Drennan, seek revenge for the death of their family.
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This is absolutely amazing! You are a very talented writer. I look forward to reading on..Keep up the great work. I can't believe you are only 14!!
@JamesDSwinney I actually have been seeing that story on the side a lot and I was thinking to myself why is that picture on the cover oh I gotta check it out. Just naturally curious I guess.
You sound like a really cool person strictly speaking from your about me. I'll check out all your stories tomorrow I'm too drained right now but it's on my to do list.
You use fantastic vocabulary. I am extremely jealous. And I love the plot for this story. Definitely something I have never read before (mainly because I stick to Fan Fictions) but this is really good!
                                    I can't, for the life of me, find it again.  It was just one little mistake where you had put 'to' where 'too' should have been, so it wasn't anything major, but I can't seem to find where I saw it.  
                                    Oh well!
@JamesDSwinney You are welcome! i am sure i will you write really well.