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Sweater Kisses {A Zanvis FF} [COMPLETED BOOK 1]

Sweater Kisses {A Zanvis FF} [COMPLETED BOOK 1]

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kathie✞✯ By KathShips9 Completed

Sweater Kiss.
It was an invite.
An invite Travis gave for Zane to join Aphmau's sleepover party.

Thats how it started.

Zane surprisingly said yes.
And he surprisingly came.

Wanna know what else is surprising?
How scary Zane's anxiety can be.
How scared Zane is of his past.
And how Travis came in and fixed,


He fixed everything with a simple kiss in Aphmau's basement. A sweater kiss.

And a simple kiss at Zane's house. A sweater kiss.
And a simple kiss at Travis' house. A sweater kiss.

Travis' house. Which also happens to be the house where things happened to start to become stressful and scary. Not just for Zane, but for everyone.

Suicide attempts.

You name it.

Travis and Zane.
Zane and Travis.

It blossomed, by
A Sweater kiss.

                              this is my 3rd time reading this  :-D
This is my 4th time reading this xD I havent commented before cuz it wasnt my account lol
Snowyheaven Snowyheaven 6 days ago
I'f I were in this photo.
                              I'd smear frosting over the camera lens 
                              TRY AND PHOTOGRAPHY ME NOW BITCH-
killingismysenpai killingismysenpai 2 days ago
Oh my gurd I screamed "THEY SAY THAT TEENAGERS SCARE THE LIVING SH*T OUTTA ME!" and my sis is all like "a wash is I love that song!!!!"
                              We spent the rest of the day screaming that at the top of our lungs
                              Peeps:O.o tf?
Yikisole13 Yikisole13 May 23
don't you know there is one who loves you
                              (yeah it's Travis)
                              or K.C
Snowyheaven Snowyheaven 6 days ago
*Thinks of the two fighting crime while dressed up in super hero outfits.* Well would you look at the time-