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N.O By Cupcake2027 Updated May 18, 2017

NOTE- This is a sequel to Hideaway (Prior name-The Cinderella's Bad Boy)
You must read that book before reading this

In the quest to discover who she really was, Skylar Jones left her town and her past with it. It wasn't easy, but she'd managed to convince herself that it was for the better. 

Now three years later, she doesn't miss much of what she left behind, or thats what she like to think. Even though she constantly denies it, she still has a group of four people who had managed to melt through her exterior, deeply fixed in her heart. The group that includes the one that made her desperately want a sibling, the one that treated her like her own daughter, the little ray of sunshine that lit up her world and of course the one- the only one- that, till now, has the ability to make her heart flutter.

With that said, she doesn't keep many expectations in finding anyone else. She thinks that she is over that grey eyed boy and needs to focus only on achieving what she came for.
With a group of new friends and a new life, she thinks that she doesn't need anything else. Well, thats until Daniel Richards, the boy that made her nerves go haywire crashes into her life once again.
What she expected to be a stable life turns into a chain of upside down events.

With broken heels, mugger chases, broken noses, getting locked, she experiences things she only read about in books. Things that make her believe that there are far more things to life that what she imagines.

Follow her on a journey that helps her live life the way she deserves to. A life full of crazy stories, teary laughter, midnight talks and a pinch of love.


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angeliafancher angeliafancher Oct 13, 2017
Before I start reading this are you still planning on finishing it. I really like the first one and would like to know what happens with Scarlett and Andrew, please let me know. Thanks
gravitis gravitis Oct 31, 2016
Omgg!!! I cant wait!! I love your books! The last one was like the best book I read
Beautyglam129 Beautyglam129 Nov 30, 2016
I read the first book it was really sad...and the 2nd book has MUGGER CHASES WTF?!
xoLoveArixo xoLoveArixo Oct 17, 2016
Cant wait to start this!!! I legit just finished Hideaway like two mins ago
Zuaniee13 Zuaniee13 Sep 04, 2016
.... Awww I din imagine her as Skylar.. The Skylar in my mind is different its hard to change now... I guess I will stick with my own one
PianoPrincess223344 PianoPrincess223344 Dec 27, 2016