[PewDieCry] The Red String of Fate

[PewDieCry] The Red String of Fate

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コロ松 By KoroRii Updated Jan 06, 2016

[Lightly updated description]

Have you heard of the 'Red String of Fate', my friend? 

This mystical red thread connects the heart of one to their destined lover; their soul mate. Although the string remains invisible, your hearts will tell you when you have found the right person, shall the timing be perfect. Once you have found said soul mate, the red string shall reveal itself, if only a little bit, to prove that this is who you are meant to spend the rest of your days with. 

Even if you are with the wrong person, the string of fate never changes course. 

But what if that right person thought all of this was wrong? 

[[A PewDieCry Fanfic]]
[Story] KoroRii
[Cover] @HungryCupcake

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101bluejay 101bluejay Sep 13
Well apparently it took you ten minutes to get there because your schools ten minutes away remember
I would love to be able to see them and then I would start a business and about finding your true love for you.
                              Just kidding that sounds like to much work.
Ya ya ya ya ya ya
                              A loser hides behind a mask of my disguise
Yillusion Yillusion Jul 30
Ok i just read a ohmtoonz fanfic and now i saw the word ryan i immediately tot of ohm and i am shook
Its 5:12 rn........... now its 5:14 why did i sit here contemplating this meaning.
101bluejay 101bluejay Sep 13
Alright I'd like a coffee, vanilla bean frappe, and a fire star sweet on the 8th floor