[PewDieCry] The Red String of Fate

[PewDieCry] The Red String of Fate

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コロ松 By KoroRii Updated Jan 06

[Lightly updated description]

Have you heard of the 'Red String of Fate', my friend? 

This mystical red thread connects the heart of one to their destined lover; their soul mate. Although the string remains invisible, your hearts will tell you when you have found the right person, shall the timing be perfect. Once you have found said soul mate, the red string shall reveal itself, if only a little bit, to prove that this is who you are meant to spend the rest of your days with. 

Even if you are with the wrong person, the string of fate never changes course. 

But what if that right person thought all of this was wrong? 

[[A PewDieCry Fanfic]]
[Story] KoroRii
[Cover] @HungryCupcake

PDA couples are so annoying, they make you feel uncomfortable
Why do they always seem to eat pancakes? I have nothing against them. Just why?
kikgigs kikgigs Oct 02
That would be cool being able to see other people's soulmate
PromiseWish PromiseWish Oct 21
Seeing other peoples soul mates would be so fun. I would just secretly ship them behind their back or push them into each other a lot.
I get that too. Is there a particular reason or is it just the dumb ways of life?
kikgigs kikgigs Oct 02
Ew romance I don't know about you but I'm not the one for romance once in awhile yes but not all the time