Blind Love [MxM]

Blind Love [MxM]

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WARNING: Contains explicit and mature content. 

Ace decides to move away from the city and into a small town. The people in the town warn Ace and tell him to stay away from his neighbor, Kane. However, Ace brushes them off and befriends the guy. Ace starts seeing and experience strange things. He starts having odd and wet dreams almost everyday. Ace feels that the townspeople are hiding something big from him. He doesn't know if he wants to find out or not.

A little tease: 

Ace panted as his heart raced against his chest. He couldn't look away from those red eyes. He gasped when he felt a hand on his inner thigh. Ace immediately went hard, making the wolf growl. 

Ace moaned when he felt someone stroking him. Ace could see glimpses of the man, but not enough to identify him. He whined when the man started teasing him. The more Ace moaned and cried the more the man and the wolf started to get possessive. 

Ace cried out when he came all over himself, making the man and the wolf satisfied. 

"Such a good little pet, aren't you?" 


if this was happening to me i'd be like "am i going crazy?! wtf?"
I would've got crazy omg. 
                              And if all this people told me not to talk to Kane hot or not I would've stayed away from him.
this is really good. very interesting and new. i like it a lot.
I felt like I was in the scene that's how good it was ....scary but yet too fascinating to stop reading I can't wait to read the next chapters ☺😊😊😊💃💃
Riverclockg6 Riverclockg6 20 hours ago
Yea..don't listen to a person who knows her territory.....sooo smart