The Ballet Dancer

The Ballet Dancer

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MoonlitDusk By MoonlitDusk Completed

Historical Fiction #87 {26/12/2014}  

[Prequel to The Protégée]

It has been seven years and Alana has never felt more alive in those years free from the entertainment business but the years of independence may be short lived with the arrival of a familiar man. A man who set his eyes on her all those years ago, a man who is foreign to the idea of redemption. 

Alana and Nicholas; a man who has a thirst for seizing what he wants, collide together accidentally. Alana is threatened to be captured into his web; the web of lies, destruction and hate which fill his life. The web which the ballet dancer never wanted to entangle herself with from the very start. 

Alana has already been broken once and crashing into a man of the opposite personality may not be the best antidote for her well being.

  • ballerina
  • blacksmith
  • emotional
  • family
  • fear
  • greed
  • historicalfiction
  • love
  • past
  • redemption
  • trust
  • truth
angie_2798 angie_2798 Nov 17, 2017
Awww poor Alana even after 7 years her past really was terrible😭😭😭😭
Lu51015 Lu51015 May 15
I'm loving the story but the writing feels...weird to me. The order of certain words and the use of words that you wouldn't usually use to say things, but not in an large vocabulary way.
madampomfery madampomfery Dec 26, 2017
Hazel is just like me- blunt as a rock. I’ll tell you, I honestly can’t control what I say and damn isn’t that a nuisance
izzyshearer izzyshearer Mar 29, 2015
Just finished the Protégée it was super good really excited about this book!!!
TangerineMendicant TangerineMendicant Sep 16, 2013
YES YES YES YES YES YES! I'm so excited~~~~
                              Good introduction, by the way. Itching for more~
Liviamay Liviamay Sep 14, 2013
You're right, this isn't much, but I understand your excitement!! This is like a peek into Alana's story, so not much to judge other than your writing is superb. I'm looking forward to the first chapter; I'm excited to see what you have in store for these characters!