Lirry's family tummy troubles.

Lirry's family tummy troubles.

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ilangel1 By ilangel1 Updated Nov 13, 2016

This is a story that @Libs993 have been working on in private message.  It is a One D family story where Harry and Liam are the parents and then NIall, Louis and Zayn are the three children.  This fanfic is about their daily family troubles.  All three boys are their biological sons with Gemma and Ruth being surrogates for them.   

Liam is called Dad by the three boys and everything just gets on top of him with whats going on with the family and he tries to hold it together and cope.

Harry is called Papa by the children and has his own struggles why trying to put it aside and help Liam look after his three boys but sometimes his medical condtion gets in the way.  He has something called Cyclic vomitting Syndrome (CVS) since childhood.

Niall is the oldest child and he is 15 almost 16.  He has been hiding something from his dad and papa and it get harder and harder to hide.  Niall is Liam's b
iological son and Ruth was the surrogute for the boys with Niall.

Louis is the middle child at 14.  He has a weak stomach like his papa and gets travel sick.  He is biologically Harry's son and Gemma was the surrogate.

Zayn is the youngest child at 12 and he sometimes struggles with feeling left out with everything that is going on with his brothers.  He is biologically Liam's and Ruth was the surrogate.

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