Innocent  twins?

Innocent twins?

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DobreDayDream By DobreDayDream Updated Dec 16, 2016

You and Marcus have been dating for almost a year now. People have known you guys as the Fun, joking, innocent couple. You were laying down In bed glancing at Marcus from time to time. You wanted to test how "innocent" he was in bed. 

You set your phone down sitting your body up. You took his phone out of his hand placing it next to yours as you crawling over him sitting on his lap. He reached up placing his hand on your hips as you placed your hands on his chest. You began grinding your body against his slowly smirking as you hear a low groan escape his lips. 

He squeezes your hips a bit tighter before flipping you two over so that you were on the bottom. Marcus pinned your arms above your head as he leaned down kissing your neck. He mumbled in your ear
 "Such a good innocent girl you are. What's the reason for this hmm?" 

He pinned both of your arms down using only one hand as he ran his free hand down your body. 

He stopped once he got to your shorts. He unbuttoned them at an ac...

MiniMatthew7 MiniMatthew7 Aug 15, 2016
Boy you better bring that ass here and finish what you started!!