Vylante~ more than friends

Vylante~ more than friends

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scarlet0416 By scarlet0416 Updated Aug 22, 2016

Dante gets kicked out, vylad's been cheated on. When fate brings them together, neither of them can deny there feelings. But how do they tell garroth, and the rest of there friends?

*cover art not mine* 

Pink.Art_14 created it. (Sorry if I misspelled)

surridgecourtney surridgecourtney Jul 26, 2016
So they just go get coffeè and talk about problems wow 😐
ToriPieIsNotOnFire ToriPieIsNotOnFire Dec 02, 2016
Vylad was dating a Aaron????????? Welp this is going to be different from your average fanfic
Y in any story people r always cutting like seriously dough people die from suicide from bullys, depression i have looked up symptoms of depression knowing dat bipolar is a form of it so yea just trying to show you readers something
AnimeTurtleLover AnimeTurtleLover Dec 28, 2016
No you're just gay. You never loved anyone else. Nichole was a crush, same with Jenna. You're IN LOVE!!!!!!
*jumps off building* Never have i ever heard da ship of aaron and vylad welp *still falling*