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Glitched Souls {Error!Sans X Soulless!Reader}

Glitched Souls {Error!Sans X Soulless!Reader}

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shadowlord999 By shadowlord999 Updated 2 days ago

(Y/n): Your name
(F/c): Favorite color 
(S/f/c): Second favorite color
(C/o/c):Choice of clothing
(E/c): Eye color
(H/l): Hair length
(H/c): Hair color
I think that's all

This is my first book so yeah. Please don't judge it.

I don't own anything but the plot line and the cover and my OCs


You were walking in the woods. Until you hear something...


What am I supposed to feel right now? Happiness?


"Your soulless... Just. Like. Me."


Your a glitch. I'm supposed to e l i m i n a t e  y o u


"How do you bring a human SOUL back...?" 


Why is everybody avoiding me?!


"You made the same choice you did all the other..." 


"Hey, (Y/n)...can we start fresh again...? I'm really sorry..."

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
Error!Sans belongs loverofpiggies on Tumblr
You belong to yourself and are 18
Ink!Sans belongs to comyet on Tumblr
Underswap belongs to popcornpr1nce on Tumblr

I'm... So... Dirty minded...
                              I NEED TO GET MY MIND OUTTA THE GUTTERS SOMEHOW...
Error, I thought we're friends. Welp, now I have to fix the fourth wall *Goes to get some duck tape*
YandereInk YandereInk Apr 02
ErRoR dOn'T jUdGe An ErRoR lIkE mE! lUsT sKyLaR mAdE mE rEaD tHis!
Wait a minute...
                              WHAT?! DOES ERROR HAVE A BROTHER?! SINCE WHEN?!!!!
BernardTheSnail BernardTheSnail 2 days ago
So he just was like Sniffing *snifhejnaksjdj* and stuff? Well..
*looks at shattered fourth wall* 
                              I'm sorry buddy... you never stood a chance.