Things wrong with Harry Potter fanfics

Things wrong with Harry Potter fanfics

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Writing a Harry Potter fanfic? Need a bit of help? Fear not, for I am here. 

Do not assume that because I'm a Hufflepuff, I'll be nice. I'm far from it.

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FierceOUAT FierceOUAT Nov 10, 2016
Right now I'm writing an unpublished book about Draco's twin would this be a cliche if she ends up with either Seamus Finnigan or Dean Thomas I'm also planning on putting her in Gryffindor
Hayfay101 Hayfay101 Nov 27, 2016
Here's a good one
                              People I've noticed have shipped people that have absolutely  no sense with each other honestly some ar gross and sickening
                              I've seen HermionexSirius Black like wtf
                              Or GinnyxDumbledore even LunaxSnape it makes no sense
DoctorDonna11Follow DoctorDonna11Follow Jul 24, 2016
                              (This is me btw, I can't find this book on my other account so im tagging me)
PinkBlossom128 PinkBlossom128 Dec 29, 2016
We are all the CinemaSins/Gordon Ramsays of Wattpad. We are FanFicSins by Gordon Ramsay 2.0
I actually wrote a HP twin where it was a boy and James and Lily actually gave him up to Remus once they found Voldemort was looking for them, and had everyone's minds wiped of the boy so no one would remember him. 
                              I also deleted it a long time ago. But I had it
RandomClara RandomClara Oct 27, 2016
I hate being a twin it is not a good thing to fricking WRITE ABOUT