volleybae scenarios. // haikyuu

volleybae scenarios. // haikyuu

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Monachopsis By honestly-whybother Updated Mar 16, 2017

Ever wanted to date or have the Haikyuu characters confess to you and more?
Well now you can!

So yeah, this is just like one of the many oneshot or scenario books for Haikyuu so feel free to request!

First off, I don't write lemons or anything like that. Probably just references to it or very slight suggestive material so proceed with caution. Also there's some swearing.

None of the images used are mine unless I say so. The characters as well don't belong to me they belong to Haruichi Furudate, and you, the reader, belong to yourself. All I own are the oneshots of this book.

May I see you guys in the book

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AaliyahCedeno0 AaliyahCedeno0 Mar 30, 2017
Hinata shouyo x reader plzz there arent enugh for me to read your my only hope 😢
mad21hatter mad21hatter Apr 07
If you could please do Tsukishima Kei and Tsukishima Akiteru?
honestly-whybother honestly-whybother Jul 28, 2016
Hoe who's the character =.= also who made the song be specific BISH XD
NikifuckingKatsudone NikifuckingKatsudone Jul 28, 2016
I know this is so goddamn (door HAHA JK) but now I understand wtf you guys are talking about in the gc 😂 And bish make actual fluff for Kags already. Ain't a song fic but include le song "Our Song" by He Is We. Don't worry I slept before going on Wattpad this early :3
loli-poop loli-poop Jul 22, 2016
dude so short ;-; but its kei cause iz a one shot xD
                                                                    form your loving friend
                                                                        hoe bish :)