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Tmnt ~ Street Punks ~ Ghost x Reader

Tmnt ~ Street Punks ~ Ghost x Reader

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✨Chrissy✨ By Chevzzzz Updated Feb 04

"What do you think of. . . Love?" I asked out of the blue. I didn't intend on asking such a question but curiosity got the best of me. 

He stayed quiet as his devilish maroon eyes were fixated on his blue-print plan. But then, his dark orbs adverted away from his work and were gazing into my (Eye Colour) hues. His stoic face stayed the same but his eyes narrowing against mine.

"Love? It's bullshit." He replied bluntly. At that moment, I could feel my heart clench as if my chest was squeezed. My breath hitched in my throat and I couldn't move a muscle.

"O-oh. . ." I stammered. I didn't know what to feel, was this pain? 

"It's nothing but irritating feelings for someone." He paused before sighing tiredly. 

You hummed, as you tried not to let him hear your whimpering. Even if you talked, he would notice the slight crack in your voice. You turned your aching head and looked away.

"But." You could feel gaze softening as his voice lowered, almost to a whisper. "I cannot deny, I have had those. . . Affections."

Your eyes widen in surprise as you turned to look at the 19-year old mutant. "For w-who. . May I ask?" 



Yo, it's me. ;*

Just so you know, I'm re-writing this cuz it's hella cringey. But thanks for all your support upon my crappy writing. XD

Also, the street punk turtles belong to their rightful owner, SirConCon. I just own the story, plot and some of my own characters. Thnx!

Including some of my readers ideas. (Again, thanks babes ;*)

~ *Chrissy*

animecoolest animecoolest Jul 21, 2016
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