[h] ROOMMATE: Season 3 || dahyun x bangtan

[h] ROOMMATE: Season 3 || dahyun x bangtan

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「 Book 1 of ❝Twisted Fairytales❞ series. 」

❝It's weird how we all feels comfortable with her. But what makes it weirder that we all have fallen into that cheerful HeungBu.❞

Who knew that Twice Dahyun and Bangtan Seonyeondan will live under one roof for six months? So unpredictable. Really, who knew that they will fell in love with her suddenly? 

Exactly, no one.

Inspired by: ❝Snow White and the Seven Dwarves❞

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Nooooo, I think you should continue it. Your story is just fine
Sushi_Rino Sushi_Rino Jan 22
NO!! Don't rewrite or delete.. I have fall in love with this.. It RELLY Fun and good.. Just need ro update I be waiting.. And plus It was super amazing!!
dimsummakeu dimsummakeu Nov 27, 2016
If you think that some part of this is messy, you can rewrite it but please don't delete this! I'm your new reader.
Pyae_Pyae Pyae_Pyae Dec 13, 2016
No! Don't rewrite or delete...  it's not a mess... it's interesting! And kinda amusing..... pls... update and continue it... pls...author nim!!
nayeonii nayeonii Nov 10, 2016
continue ! you need to continue ! cause dahyun and jimin is too adorable my hearteu
seokie_ seokie_ Nov 10, 2016
please continute your story~ it's actually one of my favourites.