Seven Years- V.R.M + Reader

Seven Years- V.R.M + Reader

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R.I.P Jonghyun By Miligm2 Completed

"Oh Irene, did you hear that, that Vyald guy stood up to Gene? Yeah apparently he even fought him, AND WON!".
"Yeah ugh he is so scary, no wonder he's all alone".
"Yeah, I have all of my classes with him anytime the teacher calls on him he gets the questions right".
"He never smiles, I heard some girls even have a crush on him!".
"He's a brat!".
"Oh My Irene! Did you hear that, that Y/N girl punched Ivy?!".
"Of course I did! It's all over the school!".
"She's really scary! Some boys have fallen in love her though".
"How could someone fall in love with such a cold girl?".
"I don't really know,she never smiles or shows any emotions".
Vylad Ro'Meave- 23 years old, a very cold guy, only speaks when spoken or asked to, very smart, shows no emotion, adopted, hates his family, family hates him except his brothers, is also known to be "scary".
Gets into fights very easily.

Y/N L/N- 20 years old, a cold girl, has no emotions, family hates her, always pressured, has no friends, socially awkward, doesn't talk at all, silent, rebellious, gets into fights easily. Is also known to be "scary".

What happens when the two most scariest people in the whole college campus meet? And also have to share a dorm? Find out in this Fanfiction

Seven Years- A Vyald X Reader

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5NotBroken_JustBent5 5NotBroken_JustBent5 Jul 29, 2016
                              Name: Livi
                              Age: 22
                              Personality: Smart, quiet, nice, and a goody two shoes.
                              Looks: Light brown hair and golden eyes. 
                              Is that good?
BeingWeirdIsTheBest1 BeingWeirdIsTheBest1 Aug 19, 2016
if I was in this story I would fangirl over Luhan so much and then cry because he's not in EXO anymore but then start laughing because of his song Lu XD
zlimey_dolphinss zlimey_dolphinss Aug 03, 2016
This is good... good I mean AMAZING!!!!!! Mili I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!!<3 Vylad May or may not be my Senpi 0_0
DMF1015 DMF1015 Aug 02, 2016
I knew you would put Baekhyun in one of your books! Hehehe I'm not complaining because you might see something like this in one of my books except it will be Chanyeol hehehe