Gunshots Fired (Undermafia!Sans x Lone Assassin/Mafia!Reader/OC)[REWRITTEN]

Gunshots Fired (Undermafia!Sans x Lone Assassin/Mafia!Reader/OC)[REWRITTEN]

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FandomJunkie By lazybutt4ever Updated Feb 04, 2017

This is yet another Undermafia fanfic, but this time it is more MAFIA like if y'all know what I mean. I suck at summaries so enjoy you by giving this book a chance. No like? No read. Capiche?

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Prismshard Prismshard Dec 31, 2016
Black suit and a tie? Okay, this is starting to sound a bit like Slender.....
teabottle teabottle Jul 24, 2016
I was promised that there would be guns. There are not guns yet. I am highly disappointed. 8.9/10.
ravoili ravoili Dec 14, 2016
*got drunk*hnnnnjdjbs
                              *looks at unnie* WHAT ARE U LOOKING AT?!
                              dis is a private place IM GOING TO DEMAND U.
Aquilla_AC3 Aquilla_AC3 Nov 12, 2016
I don't understand why every fanfics I've read always says that (y-n) can a piano
Aquilla_AC3 Aquilla_AC3 Nov 11, 2016
Me: So I'm gonna be an assassin from assassins's creed brotherhood?!😱😃
                              Author: hell no!😑 why would I write that?
                              Me:.....u destroyed my hopes and dreams 😰😭😥
AkiAkoFoxy-chan AkiAkoFoxy-chan Dec 29, 2016
Gimme the whiskey!!
                              * five minutes later*
                              My brain: o crap we drunk