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Apples & Roses|ohshc

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Somthing Witty By Sleeping_Oddity Updated Oct 01, 2016

Ringo, a very quiet, kind and a bit of an anti-social person for a reason. Long black hair, pale skin and sky blue almost white eyes. In all his 16 years he has learned one thing. That when you let people in you only end up hurting yourself and others. So he closed himself off in fear of the wall he worked so hard to build, will get knocked down and he will be to weak to rebuild it by himself.

Takashi, a very quiet and caring person. Labeled as the Strong and Silent Type. He never was a person of words, nor violence. So when he meets the broken Ringo. He is instantly attached, and doesn't let go. Because if he did he would live a life of a different person.

(I don't own ohshc, only Ringo and the plot. Please enjoy my story!)

Zezeina Zezeina 7 days ago
That is so perfect, I believe his name is tamaki? The way you started off with her and the piano, I wouldn't of thought of that to be honest. I love it by the way. :)