The School's Player » l.t. au  #Wattys2016

The School's Player » l.t. au #Wattys2016

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[ Book 1 // Completed ]

Louis Tomlinson is the schools womanizer. He's the one guy that will break a girls heart and would throw them away like trash, pretending he never knew them. 

We then meet Dylan Mason, the girl who you'd find in detention for who knows what reason, she's also the girl who defines herself as a tomboy.

When Louis finds Dylan, he makes her his next target, but he never expected Dylan to be such a task. Dylan isn't like other girls, she kind-hearted, respects herself, and knows that she will never fall into Louis traps. As time passes Louis tries to get close to her and somehow earns her trust. Louis has made moves on her but she keeps pushing him away making him more eager. Unfortunately that doesn't stop him, the more Dylan gets to know the real Louis, the more she starts to like him.

Will Dylan fall for Louis' charm and forget his player ways? What if she did? Is Louis going to play with her heart to finish his goal or is he actually going to fall for her?

This looks like one of the best Trailer that I have ever seen
1Dloooove 1Dloooove Mar 26
lol, is this Austin&Ally? 😂 the dad owns a music store then the mom is in Africa? 😂👏
But.. Like that almost 6 years ago! Oh god damn im late asl._.
Jumpingmaud Jumpingmaud Aug 30
Someone, get some water please cause LOUIS GOT JUST BURNED!🔥
Shame... I wouldn't want to live in Africa. Believe me. I'm stuck here and it sucks... Totally sucks big time....
Saw the trialer on u tube and I was like I have 2 read that book.  ( I might have watch the trialer over a 1000 times)