Online Lover {Markiplier X Reader}

Online Lover {Markiplier X Reader}

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You just joined a new chat online. You wanted to meet some new people so, you decided, why not go online? At least, you could talk to someone for a while.
You: Hello there, Stranger.
Stranger: Hey.(:
You: I'm here to talk to people so, let's talk.
Stranger: First, tell me one thing.

When you say what the Stranger wrote, curiosity struck you, even if he may be a pervert. This somehow felt different. 

You: Okay, what is it?

Stranger is typing. . .

To be honest I don't even have a phone, how are you messaging me?
If this actually happened I would die and then come back to life to see if it was real, then if it was I'd die... if it wasn't, I'd die XD
I'm sad since I can't get into my other account and finish this
First, I never ever use more than two of the same ending mark thing in a row except for dot dot dot, Second really me? *cough* Mark's a regular human, lovely and great and I mean no disrespect but NOT MY HERO. Third, baby baby child me you don't let them know you're a fan girl thatsa mistake.
Oh hey Mark since I am officially by the rules of fanfictions I get to be your friend can you take me to pax or sumthin so I can see Jackaboy?
Lilly_ROCKZ Lilly_ROCKZ Jul 04
I'd be like, you saved my life from suicide a couple of times....Both you and Sean/Jack