Puissant | zianourry

Puissant | zianourry

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H&L|ez By Blinded_Harry Updated Aug 21

adjective archaic literary
adjective: puissant
having great power or influence.
sorta a louis centric fic, so check it out. 

power au  

my muse for this story is The Flash.

Before I start this story I world quickly like to say I thought it was called pussy-ent. Please continue
platonicstylinson platonicstylinson Sep 17, 2016
Tip: you used a subordinate clause but it doesn't work. Once the commas are out, the sentence is incorrect
ElizabethTomlinson91 ElizabethTomlinson91 Oct 31, 2016
I love One Direction, and I love the Flash. You have my attention. m'lady.