A Song Made in Heaven (Ghost Bird Fan Fiction)

A Song Made in Heaven (Ghost Bird Fan Fiction)

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Kissu Kissu By Kissu_Kissu Updated Aug 18, 2016

[ Sang Sorenson's life was never meant to be normal. ]

I didn't believe in soulmates. Love at first sight was a myth. Divorce rates were at an all-time high, and in my part of town knowing your father's name put you in the minority. Sometimes I wished I wasn't part of that minority.

Like I said, I didn't believe in soulmates.

Until Owen Blackbourne strolled into my Music Theory class, and I discovered a very distinct hollowness in my heart that ached to be filled.

It was new and intoxicating, like my lungs had just taken in air for the first time. There was a man in my life; one that hadn't knocked up my mother or sweet-talked me into a closet so he could brag to his buddies about it later. I was smitten, contemplating writing poetry or adding a sappy edge to my compositions.

Until I woke up one morning to an empty bed beside me, and my boyfriend's name ranked second on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

I really wished I didn't believe in soulmates.

(AU. Not a traditional Academy in this one.)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Ghost Bird or Scarab Beetle book series. All credit goes to CL Stone, and I am not making any monetary gain.

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GabrielNightlord GabrielNightlord Mar 26, 2017
First of all, the plot is AMAZING and very unique.  And I love humour and clutzy Sang, because one can imagine her being like that when you take out her obnoxious family out of the equation. So I am really looking forward to read this story.
                              Also, is the rude guy OC or one of the Academy guy?
Ancestralgirl Ancestralgirl Aug 01, 2016
Interesting 1st chapter.  Looking forward to seeing where you take it.
BLTS2004 BLTS2004 Aug 18, 2016
@IAmCandiBaby have you found this one yet? We loves it. It's our precious!
ErinWalker9 ErinWalker9 Aug 04, 2016
I'm loving the start of this. I like that they are out of Charleston. It's nice to see them somewhere else.
VictorsHeart VictorsHeart Jul 25, 2016
College - guessing this is pretty different from cannon? Are they still Academy?
SaltWaterInk SaltWaterInk Aug 06, 2016
I commented a whole bunch when I read this offline, but it's dumb and didn't post them when I came online -_- I LOVE THIS BY THE WAY