Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4)

Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4)

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ScaryPasta(TheAlien) By ScaryPasta666 Completed

Sitting in a cafe with a guy you like just talking sounds great .. Right ? 

Well for Harley crown it's a bit complicated .. 
He meets up with his mate and guess what ? He has two kids ! 

Well lets see how this goes 

( a/n read all the others first !!!)

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I really love this series XD. Too bad I have to go and read it in one day (^ω^)
Little confused on how he has sons did the other guy get a girl pregers even if he hads a  mate
alysahstar alysahstar Jul 23, 2016
Update when you can thank you for all of your wonderful books
WriterKittie WriterKittie Jul 22, 2016
Oh my gosh!  So cute!  Ahhh!!  I'm going to die of cuteness!  I love how Harley is already a great Mom!  And that he's not made because Stephen has Dallas and Diesel!
alysahstar alysahstar Jul 23, 2016
Past 50!!!!!!!! 
                              You should have 1000+ by now for your books
robinhartley771 robinhartley771 Sep 06, 2016
Why you can telly write books to keep your interest. 
                              Loved all of the other 3  
                              Now am hooked on road one too.