Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4)

Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4)

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ScaryPasta By ScaryPasta666 Completed

Sitting in a cafe with a guy you like just talking sounds great .. Right ? 

Well for Harley crown it's a bit complicated .. 
He meets up with his mate and guess what ? He has two kids ! 

Well lets see how this goes 

( a/n read all the others first !!!)

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i love this one the most idk why tbh... maybe because i stumbled upon this book first & fell in love with it's concept. but then i have to start from the first book lol
                              btw, LBS is the best ever choice for Stefan. a quiet bear with a big hidden passion *wolf whistles*
cloudmedia cloudmedia Apr 16
Can I just say that I was having trouble this morning with family BECAUSE THIS IS FOUR GENERATIONS LATER
Doddie1 Doddie1 Apr 09
Well you see. When a mommy and daddy love eachother VERY much...
forgot to comment, but because Stefan is a polar bear shifter he could detect his mate upon first meeting right? unlike werewolves or other types of shifters. nice attribute.
partypooper_frenzy partypooper_frenzy Feb 05, 2017
I really love this series XD. Too bad I have to go and read it in one day (^ω^)
PsYcHoKiTtEen PsYcHoKiTtEen Jan 01, 2017
Little confused on how he has sons did the other guy get a girl pregers even if he hads a  mate