{Impulse x Reader}

{Impulse x Reader}

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Impulse X Reader


Y/N is a strong and talented hero called, MockingJay. Trained and raised by your aunt Black Canary, Dinah. You, zero powers but skilled at combat and have the right gadgets for battle. Did I forget to mention you have tasers? It was a ordinary day at Mount Justice until a strange Impulse was detected...

What will make of you two? 

Will there be spoilers to the future? 

And are you just a ordinary human like everyone says? Or... Something more...

{Changed the Description because it was uninteresting. But do not threat! I fixed it.}
Cover made by @LejlaHazMagic

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theBTSlyfe theBTSlyfe May 07, 2017
Yea like the flash did. This kid totally screwed up the present like boi
TwoGalacticNerds TwoGalacticNerds Jun 26, 2017
Looks at him* what ever helps you put your mind at ease idiot *looks away blushing*
geekgirl626 geekgirl626 Jul 15, 2017
....thats when they knew. He wasnt lying. He's too flirty to be related to anyone else
stellar_xx stellar_xx Jun 30, 2017
                              "And your is...Dick?" And THAT CRINGE HE DID 😂😂😂
Electricspikes Electricspikes Jun 29, 2017
Don't antagonize me or I'll break your face.
                              First person to comment that reference gets a follower
stellar_xx stellar_xx Jun 30, 2017
I laugh at this joke so hard and I don't even get it completely!