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Golden (Creepypasta X Reader) {under re-editing}

Golden (Creepypasta X Reader) {under re-editing}

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DeathNoteGamerXX By DeathNoteGamerXX Completed

(Y/N) is a really shy/geek girl that obviously has books always with her but that's just an act, she was a killer she loved to murder and her killer name is 'golden' ( goldie for short), she was named that because her left eye is gold but lucky her that she can change that so she can change it to gold to (E/C). (forgot to mention that you can eat human organs but only if you don't have any human food left or if you crave it so you eat both thing)

One day (Y/N) had killed her parents cause they were going to sell her to a rich/fuckboy/pervert because they didn't want her anymore,not like she cared about her parents she always hated them since she was 3 and that was when her day was a living he'll she had to be abused so much that till she was 5 years old she had to be their slaves it was cruel. So when she was leaving her parents body with no organs (you know why) and went to the forest (the forest was behind her house) and that's when life started to get interesting.

GoodThoughts534 GoodThoughts534 7 days ago
Can you tell me the title my phone doesn't let songs load on Wattpad
Zalgo202004 Zalgo202004 Mar 10
You are an awesome book writer, plus I love that there was bad words and gore, my absolute favorite things in books.
Finally wearing glasses!!! TwT thank you author~chan I will be in your debt
RivaillaBlossom RivaillaBlossom Dec 25, 2016
So the plastics are waiting for me? Yeah, I reckon belong in the 'Greatest people you'll ever meet' group. (PS reckon means absolutely in the Australian Slang, PSS I'm not Australian I just love the accent and slangs.)
THAT'S RIGHT YOU SLIT, DIE BITCH, DIE...ummmmmmmmm maybe a little to far
Omg i need it for killing nina-for k-killing my victims um y-yeah that's what i was gonna say nothing else hehe (*´ο`*)
                              ( no hate but i just don't like her tbh 😂😕 )