Their Unbreakable Bond

Their Unbreakable Bond

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KillerOfFlies By KillerOfFlies Updated Oct 31, 2016

Edward and Kimberly were inseparable when they were kids.

Though Edward was three years older than Kimberly, he found himself falling in love with the beautiful being, just as Kimberly fell in love with Edward.

Nothing could seperate the two and for years they thought nothing could drive them apart.

Until the Spanish Influenza made an appearance.

Thinking Edward was dead, Kimmy grew depressed.

After being turned by Carlisle, Edward Cullen went in search for his childhood love, but never found her.

Ninety years later, Edward meets and takes a liking a to a human named Isabella Swan.

Everything seemed perfect.

Until A 'Dead' Kimberly shows up in Forks and walks into Edwards Class.

Is this look alike really Kimberly or just a look alike?

Harleyq_hatesyou Harleyq_hatesyou May 19, 2016
She has all the powers from the Cullen family and from Alec and Jane omg!!😂
IzzyThePsychoBitch IzzyThePsychoBitch Oct 07, 2016
I hate when people give they're OC's the best powers ever, really, she isn't that special
IzzyThePsychoBitch IzzyThePsychoBitch Oct 07, 2016
Imagine Bella in the background like "Pay attention to me Edward, Please!"  *Sobs uncontrollably* "Edward plz love meh" and I'm just like *pushes Bella out of house* "gtfo ain't nobody want YOU here."
IzzyThePsychoBitch IzzyThePsychoBitch Oct 07, 2016
Is she supernatural, Bet she a succubus, cause they more cute than vamps
IzzyThePsychoBitch IzzyThePsychoBitch Oct 07, 2016
I feel like she a different vampire but she could be an anime character
Aichaku Aichaku Aug 26, 2015
I don't know why but I thought of Kushina, because when I saw glowing hair I was like 'Oh so could her hair squiggly like Kushina's ?' -Imagines her like an anime character-