Remember Me?

Remember Me?

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Dogwonder By Dogwonder Updated Nov 22

Audry Marvell has been searching for her sister ever since her dragon went missing.  The day soon comes though when she is finally able to see her again, but she gets more than she bargained for. Audry joins Fairy Tail where she meets her old best friend, a new love, and a rival. It's nothing that a water dragon slayer can handle though.

Don't own Fairy Tail. Only my Ocs.

Cover by Detective_Neru

omg i just imagine the drawing Erza tried to draw of the new amor she wanted. XD
KayaandAria KayaandAria Jul 21
OMG YES!! THIS WAS AMAZING! And only Erza can understand true art. (I love the cover)
KayaandAria KayaandAria Jul 22
Did you mean 'Fit right in" for the last line of Gray's dialouge? Also don't worry Audry we all have our idiot moments! Some more than others! *cough* me *cough*