Free Fall (Sulay)

Free Fall (Sulay)

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-Ley. By IthinkIvefallen Completed

"Watch were your going!" I fell back on to the ground. I quickly got my things and stood up.

"Sorry I wasn't paying attention." I looked everywhere but at his eyes. He sighed, "Whatever." Then he walked away.

Suho wasn't the type to talk to anyone like that. I was never quite sure why. I always found him interesting to watch. He wasn't really a bad boy he just didn't talk to anyone.

I wanted to talk to him though. We were both sophomores in high school. He had every class that I had and we never crossed paths.

But one day everything changed. I don't regret it though. If anything I'm glad I had the experience of falling for Suho.

My names Lay and this is how our story went...

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Reblegaming Reblegaming Jun 18
Wow my only ship there is sulay litterly all my other ships are sinking like 
                              Baekyeol ship
                              Kaisoo ship
                              And jaebum your suppose to be with youngjae wth go to your sunshine 
                              *Cries in the corner*
                              All my ship are sinking what the hell
Swagsnow Swagsnow Jun 26
He is Chen, lay. What you suppose him to say. Troll king Chen. Always lovable. :)
yOniceskiRt yOniceskiRt May 08
is this supposed to be a pun, author-nim ?? cos if it is i loVE YOU FOR MAKING PUNS 
                              *screaming growl by exo*
aboatdrems aboatdrems Aug 25
lowkey thought lisa was gonna be partners with a kid named oil
IvyXStyx IvyXStyx Jul 24, 2016
Aww, This chapter was so cute and fluffy! >///< I enjoyed it! ^-^
IvyXStyx IvyXStyx Jul 23, 2016
The only person I can ever think of rn is LordMinion777 aka Wade! xD (I'm a gamer!)