Love Wins.

Love Wins.

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Kiran Hafeez By kiranhafeez Updated Jan 31

"Divorce her." His Father's voice ring in the hall leaving him all shocked. He thought he heard him wrong 

He was looking at his father and recalling the words his father said to him. He didn't believe on his ears. What his father was saying was totally out if his understanding. 

"Sorry!!!what did you say Baba??" He asked looking at his father who was seated peacefully in front of him.

"Divorce your wife." Again his father said and he felt his,world shattered.

A day ago he was forced to do this marriage and when he did,the very next day his father was asking him to divorce his wife who was still in her father's house.


Meet Shams.

He was highly educated from London university but unfortunately belong to a very backward family who lives in the province of Baluchistan. His father was the sane Duke who like to rule on people's life but he was different. What happened when he return from love n after completing his studies and his father tie him in a marriage with a girl he never met.

But the story begins when the very next day he's been ordered by his father to divorce his wife who was still a stranger for him. 

What you think  Shams do???

A story of hate, revenge, love romance.

Join Shams in his journey with his unknown wife.

  • love
  • revenge
  • romance
  • sacrifice
  • separation
  • tragedy