Dangerously Close (Tsukiyama x Reader)

Dangerously Close (Tsukiyama x Reader)

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littlerose ♡ By panicatthebrendon Updated Dec 30, 2016

{Purple violet hair was so mystical in that moon, dancing around in its every light.

"Shuu..." I ached his name. An evil grin spread across as he lingered down to me.

A cold hand lifted my chin with numbing fingers. "Darling flower. Your innocence succumbs to me." Voice, low and vicious. 

I couldn't tell weather it was the fireplace's heat that was devouring my body. But somehow that icy stare seduced me weak. 

His lips craved my taste, and slowly he pressed against me... }


You lived in the ward where the half ghoul Kaneki was a resident for as long as you could remember. You two were inseparable, and the best of friends. But strolling in one day comes the gourmet. The murderous creature. And as soon as he walked in he didn't look at kaneki. 

But looked right at you, with a hungry gleam feasting in his eyes. 
And as you stay more and more away from him, the more you are haunted by that tall, gorgeously handsome, and charming Tsukiyama. 

(Hope you enjoy  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Update to this story: It's been a year and I'm literally dying as I reread this T-T

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I'd probably listen to Fall Out Boy and read the first book of the House of Night series.
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I would listen to boss or that's my girl by fifth harmony and read this book is some what like a series of unfortunate events its called shore something I don't remember
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Bring me the horizon or Tøp while reading the doll graveyard .....