Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI

Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI

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The world is weakening due to the Divine Punishment that took place years ago, and the people are fearing the worst of destruction from God. But a prophecy claims that one of the children from the Village of Youth will be the savior- the Messiah- that brings back paradise, and restores peace to all.

Miku, having confirmed to be the Messiah by a kingdom's oracle, sets out on a journey with her friends to head to the Tower of AI, where she plans to receive forgiveness from the highest power and gain nine blessings. But when Miku thinks she and the group are heading down the safe route, the prophecy alone has much more in store than what she bargained for.

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Based on the song, "Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI."

Cover illustrations by Suzunosuke.

© Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI by Hitoshizuku-P & Yama△
© VOCALOID by YAMAHA Corporation.
© 2017 by jnobeza. All rights reserved.

How long did it take you to do this amazing peace of artwork?!!??!!!!!?
SerenadeOfDeath SerenadeOfDeath Jul 31, 2016
"we share joy and pain" 
                              After knowing how everything will end, I cannot help but cry
@8sides_one_guy Bes this was the fic I was talking about earlier
SayuriEri SayuriEri Jul 22, 2016
I never imagined a Vocaloid song turned into a story, but with the background of this song, I know that this will turn out great in the end. Heheh I already know the end tho, since when I listened to it, someone on YouTube explained it. Sad, very sad end.
KaikaneClover KaikaneClover Aug 16, 2016
                              It's so pretty! SerIoUSLy teach me the ways of digital masta
                              I just love your style ;-; I honestly wish I could draw like you. Straight up, being totally real wit u fam 
omg, someone wrote this! Yes! I was thinking about doing it, but decided I wasn't skilled enough... But this is awesome! I'm reading the rest right away~