Daddy, Please  II Baby Phil II

Daddy, Please II Baby Phil II

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Kitten✨ By weirdkitten Completed

Phil needs a sugar daddy. Dan is happy to help. 
This is kinda my first smut so stay with me here. <3

In class we were assigned to say a metaphor and my example was:
                              "Phil Lester is an angel."
                              But I had to say it in Filipino so:
                              "Si Phil Lester ay isang anghel."
Pandosaur Pandosaur Jan 15
For a second I thought he was rubbing Pj and I was just like: "Since when did Pj get here?"
happyphan84 happyphan84 Dec 22, 2016
I honestly like the idea of the submissive one in a skirt and crop top (male ofc)
AirplanesLashton AirplanesLashton Nov 30, 2016
Daniel I know you may have not finish school but you should know the difference between your and you're
Ghost-Rin Ghost-Rin Nov 23, 2016
Couldn't help but yell "Oh Lord!" In front of my cousins opps xD
Luke_isnt_Real Luke_isnt_Real Dec 21, 2016
*you're exuse me but Dan would never use the wrong "your/you're"