Bella And Klaus

Bella And Klaus

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Bella Swan finally got her happily ever after with Edward and the Cullens, well thats until something unexpected happens.

We all know what happens when a traditional vampire dies, compulsion wears off.

What's to happen when a certain vampire dies, reversing all compulsion he or she put on anyone?? What happens when Bella Swan is one of those people??

(Slowly editing and making changes.)

cora_jones cora_jones Aug 31
When you realize your relationship is borderline abusive which clearly it is
Morgan8359 Morgan8359 Apr 17
Well, most people become alcoholics and might die, but since you're immortal, you'll probably get a huge hangover every damn day and become an alcoholic
The way he talks to her is unacceptable If any man tried to talk to me that way I first kick him where the sun don't shine then I punch you in the face then I'd send him a text saying I was leaving him then when that's cool I black I tell everyone I dumped him
I was thinking. This is not the sequel of the other 'Bella and Klaus' right its quite confusing.
- - Sep 07, 2016
I laughed at Edward and now my family's looking at me weirdly... 😂😂😂