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Ash's Perfect Match (Ash Ketchum x Reader)

Ash's Perfect Match (Ash Ketchum x Reader)

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Multifandom Fics By Jedi-Elf-Anime-Trash Updated May 15

Did you know that pikachus had soulmates?! Well neither did Ash, but he found that out when he ran into you at a pokemon center at the Kalos region and sparks flew, literally when his pikachu met your female pikachu! This new discovery leads you two to learn more about your pikachu best friends, much to the dismay of Serena, who isn't very happy about all the attention Ash is giving you, especially when you join him on his journey and the two of you become even closer. Together you and Ash face Team Rocket, and participate in a tournament where two trainers battle in pairs against other pairs, and you and Ash work together to win! But ever since your pikachu's met, one question has been going through everyone's minds. If you and Ash's pikachu's are soulmates, does that mean that you and Ash are too?

I use my OC..... And my OC's name is Serena......... UUUM..... *awkwaaaaaaaaaaard*
                              I'mma change it to blue or purple...or BLACK!!!!
                              but either way, that's too girly for me
                              So i'm changing it in my mind
PIKACHUETTE!! Anyone remember that one episode in Black and White??
Sathana59 Sathana59 May 28
To give Ash some credit, I would probably be as dense in that situation.
Sweetie you had your chance you know Ash is dense so you had to put some more effort into it you didn't so you lost so goodbye get over it you are the weakest link
MaddieD312 MaddieD312 May 26
Me: *Looks up at ash and backs away a little cause compared to me he's a fcking giant!* ( aka everyone at school..... EVEN some 6th graders are taller than me...)