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Warrior Cats Roleplay

Warrior Cats Roleplay

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Rising Storm By DulceneaCuenca Completed

Please join, the clans are  AshClan, MarshClan, MoorClan, and HawkClan.In this Roleplay you can be what ever, I will mainly be active a lot so yeah. :3 

AshClan, the most bravest and strongest. They are warm hearted, and wise. HawkClan fierce, snappy, can kill hawks. But they aren't cruel. MarshClan, best swimmers, the smartest and cats that think on instinct. MoorClan, the fastest and nimble, used to the wind and paws hard as stone. You can be one of them, a high raising leader, deputy watching your clan, a loyal and strong warrior. A willing apprentice. A playful kit, it is your destiny, you decide....

    The ways of the clan!

AquaSolar AquaSolar Apr 16
Name: Pikapelt
                              Age: 11 moons
                              Gender: Male
                              Appearance: Looks like pikachu in cat form
                              Personality:Acts like Brambleclaw and is really funny and playful
                              Clan: Moor
                              Rank: New warrior
                              Crush: Idk yet
                              Yes, no, maybe so?
-Wolfflame- -Wolfflame- Apr 01
                              18 moons 
                              Medium grey with white legs with black paws black tail and lake blue eyes 
                              A kind cat who cares about her clan mates, skilled hunter, doesn't usually get angered, agile, skillful 
                              20 moons.
                              Black body with a white belly, white and light gray stripes, with yellow eyes.
                              Snappy, Usually nice, dramatic, outgoing.
                              Clan: AshClan
                              Rank: Warrior
                              Mate: None yet.
                              Crush: None yet xD
                              Kit: None yet xD
                              Other: Parents died at 6 moons.
Name: Ember
                              Age:  24 moons
                              Gender: male
                              Appearance: Black with white paws, tips of ears, face, and end of tail
                              Personality: funny, energetic, and sarcastic about everything even in life or death situations
                              Rank: warrior
                              Other: Likes to piss off stronger animals than him...
AquaSolar AquaSolar Apr 16
Name: Foxpaw(warrior name Foxshade)
                              Age: 8 moons
                              Gender: Female
                              Appearance: Looks like Sandstorm, but brown eyes, and more fox-like look
                              Personality: Like Dovewing's
                              Clan: Moor
                              Rank: Apprentice
                              Crush: Pikapelt
laladew laladew Mar 26
                              Age:3 moons
                              Gender: shecat
                              Appearance: black fur one blue eye one green eye
                              Personality: nice, shy,strong and
                              Clan: Thunder clan