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Warrior Cats Roleplay

Warrior Cats Roleplay

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Rising Storm By DulceneaCuenca Completed

Please join, the clans are  AshClan, MarshClan, MoorClan, and HawkClan.In this Roleplay you can be what ever, I will mainly be active a lot so yeah. :3 

AshClan, the most bravest and strongest. They are warm hearted, and wise. HawkClan fierce, snappy, can kill hawks. But they aren't cruel. MarshClan, best swimmers, the smartest and cats that think on instinct. MoorClan, the fastest and nimble, used to the wind and paws hard as stone. You can be one of them, a high raising leader, deputy watching your clan, a loyal and strong warrior. A willing apprentice. A playful kit, it is your destiny, you decide....

    The ways of the clan!

antinomian antinomian Jul 06
                              3 moons
                              Soft white fur and pink eyes.
                              Curious, quiet, observant, peaceful
                              Not yet
                              Albino and suffers from slight light sensitivity because of it.
                              ((Creating because Lavendermist has become the ultimate background character))
Jazzy_Dork Jazzy_Dork May 20
Can I join? Here is bio if so
                              Name: Whisperjaw
                              Clan: Ashclan
                              Grey fur, green eyes, and a light grey tail
                              Age:4 moons
                              Snow white fur with icy white eyes
                              Shy,kind,can be evil
                              Other:she has stars in her eyes and blue galaxy color wings
Electromiku Electromiku Jul 05
Name: Heatherpaw
                              Age: 8
                              Gender: she-cat
                              Appearance: buff (for an apprentice), base color grey, with black petal spots (like a cheetah). Emerald green eyes.
                              Personality: Intelligent, Stern, Determined, Kinda rude, Strong
                              Clan: HawkClan
                              Rank: Medicine Cat apprentice, if not that, a regular apprentice.
                              Age: 25 moons
                              Gender: tom
                              Appearance: black and yellow, like a Gila monster. Bright yellow eyes
                              Personality: rough, aggressive
                              Clan: Moonclan/rogue
                              M/C/K: none
                              Other: none
Name: darkpaw
                              Age: 4 moons
                              Sleek black fur with light grey almost white eyes, brave,shy, curious