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Zoid By Chicken_Hoe Completed

"What's not to like about me?"

"You're the king of fuckbois. You think with your dick, You're arrogant and mean and You're a fucking kid."

Modern AU where John Lennon's mates bet him he can't "Fuck the fat girl" of their art school.

Cover made by my Darling love @Macca40

  • beatles
  • body
  • chubby
  • depression
  • drugs
  • illness
  • john
  • lennon
  • mccartney
  • mental
  • paul
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WacksterJackster WacksterJackster Jul 20, 2016
It isn't stupid, I think it's kinda cool actually 🖖🏻😜
Kailaplier Kailaplier Jul 20, 2016
Oooo I love this! 
                              This is really original and different! And funny! 
                              Haha it's funny when you use yourself as the main character XD 
                              Oh was your hair ever really red? Just wondering XD
                              This is so good already! 💖❤️
                              I carn't wait for more!
arctic_beatles arctic_beatles Jul 21, 2016
john should be dubbed as the liverpudlian lowlife in this fic
Liverpool_Legends Liverpool_Legends Dec 27, 2016
I'm not one of those hard core don't shave your legs all men are evil feminist types but omg it's like they think of her as some kind of object and it's so disgusting
Wicked_Annabella Wicked_Annabella Jul 22, 2016
They didn't respect Elisa though 😠😠😠
                              Lemme drop kick their stupid faces
Liverpool_Legends Liverpool_Legends Dec 27, 2016
I have that skill with trying to hold a conversation with a stranger