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Saving Blue. [Klance]

Saving Blue. [Klance]

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YOI is not Yaoi By DrowninginColor Completed

[Under Major Editing]
{High School AU}
{May contain slightly triggering scenes}

Keith heard muffled sobs.

"Hey, Lance, are you in there?" He asked, knocking on the door. "Are you alright?" Concern was evident in Keith's voice.

"Y-Yeah," Lance replied through the door. "J-Just let me wash my hands."

"Okay, see you in Shiro's room."As Keith started to walk away, he heard the water running and a low whimper came from the bathroom. Keith grew suspicious. 

No, he thought. I'm probably incorrect... but if I'm right... I should probably check. Keith came to a resolve, making sure to check up on Lance from time to time. First, he just needed to clear off a theory.

The bathroom door creaked open, and Lance came out, closing the door carefully. He saw Keith.

"O-Oh Keith, you're still here-" He was cut off by Keith grabbing both of his wrists. He whimpered at the touch, pulling himself away quickly.

I knew it, Keith thought. He proceeded to pull down Lance's right sleeve, to reveal fresh cuts, ones that were never there to begin with.

He was trying to stay strong. He truly was.

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ambitiousRammy ambitiousRammy 7 days ago
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Okay so apparently I'm just rolling in unpopular opinions today
SilarisNeko14 SilarisNeko14 a day ago
The dreaded topic... (seriously, I've had to learn it countless times and each time it's the same thing)
Im rereading this and this time I'm prepared to cry my heart out