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Deah ♥️ By SparksFly15 Updated Sep 15, 2014

"You can't escape me. You can't run, you can't hide. In the end, the only way to escape me is death and we both know you don't want that, do we?" 


What if someone falls in love with you so deeply, he can no longer control himself from doing such violent things? 
 Audrey now starts to struggle that kind of life when she met Ross Carter, a rich billionaire at a contest. A girl who used to live a regular life, now bound to a guy who's heart cannot be tamed. Can someone save her or will she be living with a monster forever?

I love how were all like, "I don't believe him." Let me jump on that boat as well.
- - Dec 31, 2015
When I saw ' his heels ' I thought of like a bald 70 year old with black stilettos on just walking down the desk aisles like work it twerk it work it twerk it! Anybody? No? Ok.... *sits in corner awkwardly and thinks about life*
saintofsmiles saintofsmiles Jun 25, 2015
I don't know if I like Ethan. He seems like he has a temper...
aikawa_mai aikawa_mai Sep 16, 2014
please make up date in this story its good to read make more chapters for this thanks
FlipThatBirdy FlipThatBirdy Aug 07, 2014
I have to wait until morning to eat a poptart for breakfast. I want le POPTART! Btw great story! :D
GameGodReborn GameGodReborn Mar 31, 2011
You make a first strong impression of Ross: Spoiled, a dark past, obsessive, and the guy every girl wants. Yay, can't wait for an upload!