His Monster Inside (Under Construction)

His Monster Inside (Under Construction)

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Forever_A_Teen_ By Forever_A_Teen_ Updated Aug 28, 2017

(The first couple of chapters suck but will be fixed when the book is completed)

Alpha Dalton the name alone sends shivers to another  alpha. He's the type of Alpha that will carve his name into your skin so you'll remember what has once happen. 

He's the type of person who you would never expect to have a mate. They say he's a monster and he lives to prove that. They say he's so evil inside his heart quit.

So what happens when he does? 

Casey Dennis, probably the nicest thing you'll ever meet. She doesn't swear,she doesn't fight. Shes sweet and kind and tries to find the good in everyone.

But her wolf is the opposite and is always getting Casey in trouble. Her wolf rose hates taking orders especially from her mate. Dalton.

So what happens when fate puts the two together. Will they be able to work through everything together or will his past come back and bite him in the ass and will Casey's wolf continue to refuse to showing submission.

And will Casey ever find out about his monster inside?

 Or most importantly will she save him and everyone

*previously known as destined for a monster*

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evonye evonye Jun 18, 2017
Ugh everyone uses Nina🙄. Nick Bateman tho😍😍😍😝😝😝
rhon671 rhon671 Sep 19, 2016
Gosh just this chapter alone I felt bad for her. But I couldn't stop laughing when she asked , What did I do? She got mated to an Alpha who is the worst. Especially when all thought he wouldn't have a mate. 😂
Forever_A_Teen_ Forever_A_Teen_ Jul 20, 2016
Thanks and I'll be updating soon I just updated I prefer the term weirdly unique!
Shy_but_wild Shy_but_wild Jan 15, 2017
I love Nina. Already want to read it because I can imagine her as the girl. She's so gorgeous