The Teacher's Obsession

The Teacher's Obsession

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"You're mine baby doll, can't you get that through your pretty little head?" He whispered huskily into my ear, sending cold shivers all throughout my body.

 He pressed further into me, grinding his hips into mine, not allowing me to go anywhere. 

 I put my hands on his hard chest and tried to push him off of me but he wouldn't budge. 
He chuckled in response and leaned into my neck and started laying sloppy wet kisses all along my neck. 

"S-st-stop...Please!" I begged, fear lacing my shaky voice and I struggled even more against his vice like grip. 

He moaned as he ran his hands up and down my body, roaming freely. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth with his hand silencing me. 

"Shh shhh baby we don't want someone to ruin the fun now do we?" He said slightly annoyed 
I whimpered in response and wiggled around trying to escape. 

"Shh... Now I'm going to remove my hand and if u make a noise I swear I will kill everyone you love." He warned darkly.


Ashley is a senior in her new high school, she's shy, defiant, stubborn, and sometimes sassy. She just moved from Canada to California with her mom and her brother Ryan. She wasn't really up to the whole picking up and leaving everything behind, but she didn't have a choice.

The first day of school came along bringing on a whole new world for her. She met some new people and everything seemed perfect until she met her English teacher Mr. Haul. He is young, attractive, and has all the girls after him. But he soon meets Ashley and develops an unhealthy obsession with her, he will stop at nothing to have her. 
Even by force. 

Fantastic cover made by @46Nova_Lucius ! 



Sexual content 
strong language!
 mature themes!

This is my first book there may be some grammar errors so please bare with me!

Completed ✅: September 20th 2016

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I find it funny I spend my time out of school reading about school
Your cast is perfect even though I don't know anything about the book...... Cause I have just started to read
                              But I loved the Prologue
Boy if you don't stick yo tongue back in yo mouth Ima pop you
NotSoBasix NotSoBasix Nov 29
I have 6 periods a day and that is my locker number at school 😂
thesimcard thesimcard 3 days ago
5 periods a day not counting break and lunch😝 I think it’s cause I live in da UK