House Trained (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader)

House Trained (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader)

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Jaq-Rabbit By Jaq-Rabbit Updated Dec 01, 2016

Your plan had been to adopt a dog. A companion who would be there for you to come home to from a hard day at work or long day at school.

You hadn't realized how twisted fate would be when it forced you to adopt a man instead.

(Werewolf!Zoro x Reader)

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XxNicholeOnlyxX XxNicholeOnlyxX May 17, 2017
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHEN I READ BUSHIDO I LAUGHE SO HARD!!!! Even though my painting mess up cuz I laugh when I read this I've been working on my project for 3 weeks....😑🙃
XxNicholeOnlyxX XxNicholeOnlyxX May 17, 2017
We can't call him Moss anymore if he's like that..what kind of name should we call him....comment ur Answer
RT_Strawhat_Ninja RT_Strawhat_Ninja May 28, 2017
Well no wonder he acts so mean! If you treat a dog like it's mean, it will be mean! If you treat it nice, it will be nice! That's how you train animals!!!
katsumitheanimegirl katsumitheanimegirl Sep 07, 2016
For a second there, I accidentally read "you screamed as he gave you a thousand years of death." XD
Pincess_Mona_Cupcake Pincess_Mona_Cupcake Nov 12, 2016
It's just like having a 5 year old brother with a sharp pair a teeth
Secret_Levy Secret_Levy Sep 07, 2016
How can a dog not have a sense of direction? Even if he is Zoro....... geez.....