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Gravity Falls RP

Gravity Falls RP

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Gravity By Gravity_Faller_1987 Updated 13 hours ago

Read. The. Title.

Ladylucyfan Ladylucyfan a day ago
(Wait I think I deleted mine I'll make it again.)
                              Age:Dipper and Mabel's age
                              Looks:I'll tag you
                              Other:has a pet baby pig but he isn't like waddles.
HerobrineRaider HerobrineRaider 6 days ago
Name: Mathew Maggio 
                              Age : 15
                              Gender : Male 
                              Sexuality : straight 
                              Looks : yellow hair, jacket, jeans 
                              Personality : quiet and shy 
                              Species : Neko 
                              Family : all dead 
                              Crush:  open
                              Other: Curious about gravity falls
Ladylucyfan Ladylucyfan 4 days ago
Name:Maggie Ray
                              Age:Mabel and dippers age(which I think is 13.)
                              Looks:I'll tag you
                              Species:Nice cute harmless demon but looks like a human,
                              Other:She is a demon but isn't rude she is like a human but with powers and she looks like a human too.
Name: Cassandra Cipher
                              age: 13
                              Gender:  female
                              Sexuality: straight
                              looks: profile
                              Personality: a mixture of Mabel Gleeful and Mabel Pines
                              Species: dream demon
                              Family:  Bill, Will and all the other ciphers
                              Other: none
                              Crush: Dipper
foffrey foffrey 6 days ago
Name:Zoe cipher 
                              Age:2.5 trillion
                              Looks:like bill cipher but grey
                              Personality:fuckin insane
                              Species:dream demon
                              Family:bill cipher, brother 
                              Other:hates his brother
Name: Hexra
                              Age: 150(15 in human years)
                              Gender: Female
                              Sexuality: Bi
                              Looks: Grey skin, blue eyes, black hair covering one eye, purple horns. Wears a black torn up dress and no shoes.
                              Personality: depressed, shy, scared easily
                              Species: Monster
                              Other: Friends with Chompy the goat and Wendy