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Gravity Falls RP

Gravity Falls RP

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Gravity By Gravity_Faller_1987 Updated 13 hours ago

Read. The. Title.

Can we do it in pm or is that a no, too? I'm just curious, that's all.
ThecatofallCats ThecatofallCats 4 days ago
Can I be mabel? XD I dont really have to do the form, do I?
                              Ill do jr anyways.
                              Name: Manel Pines
                              Parents: ????? Pimes
                              Looks: Wears a different sweater every day, has brown hair with a red headband. Black eyes and mouth always looks like this: -c or ¢-}
                              Name: Lacie Pines
                              Parents: Ford Pines
                              Looks: Olive colored turtleneck, blue jean shorts, black tights, black combat boots, brown hair (braided), black glasses, and green eyes
                              Personality: Smart, kind, curious, gentle
Hey, I just found this and wanted know if I could still roleplay in it with you because you have already made so many chapters >~<
Np god it alright if i use my OC who just so happens to be Bilĺ´s daighter??
Is this still opened? I looked at some other comments but i just want to make sure before i do anything else and i don't mean to annoy you by asking i just thought i would sorry >.<