UP HERE  ↬ teenage septiplier au [completed]

UP HERE ↬ teenage septiplier au [completed]

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When a rich teenage boy decided that he was better off in a completely different neighborhood, without his parents' money, he finally seemed to fit in with the stereotype.

Yet, there was another boy, who struggled with his family and his rent. He was the same as the rich kid, he liked to drink, go out and act tough. The difference was that he always took it too far and sold all those important things no money could outweigh.

Then suddenly Jack realized how much of a difference money could make in one's life if it was just used the correct way. 
But how could he try to buy his new found friend all the happiness he deserved when really nobody knew about his wealth?

There are fights, and struggles and drugs, yet maybe, he finally could find a peaceful place to be with the boy he never wanted to leave.

The one thing that was most important to the rich kid's friend was his brother, and his mother.
He would do anything for them.

And in the end, he maybe, took it a little bit too far, all over again.


[Teenage Septiplier AU] [poor!Mark ; rich!Jack] 


hlgtmr hlgtmr Aug 04, 2016
I like this chapter very much, so i'm going on reading. 
                              my english is not that good, so i haven't seen any mistakes!
                              i think your writing skills are very underappreciated, so i'm going to share this story on twitter.
_Laken _Laken Sep 24, 2016
Well personally I think its beautifully written. Quite the 'page turner'. Even though it is a screen.
Eh it's a little confusing for me but I guess that it very late and I should be asleep
-scintillate -scintillate Aug 11, 2016
the wording of this is so gorgeous hh i'm so excited to read this
I-Hate-You-Kiss-Kiss I-Hate-You-Kiss-Kiss Aug 08, 2016
Hey, just wanted to say that your writing is amazing, oh my. The way you phrase words is magnificent. I'm simply blown away.
Lilacstories Lilacstories Sep 07, 2016
That was absolutely brilliant. The details you put in and the way you described it. You're really good!