Curtis Sister: Zaylee Curtis

Curtis Sister: Zaylee Curtis

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Shelby By HotPinkMonkey Completed

I am the Curtis' little sister, Zaylee. I can be a trouble maker at times. I live with my three older brothers and I belong with them and their gang. I am different the others too. I have no friends and I pick fights at school.  I might be the youngest, but I get treated like all the others. Except for one boy, I have a close relationship with him. I call him my bestfriend, even if I have three brothers too. Everything seemed okay until the day someone got hurt too bad. How will the gang feel? How will they deal with this? How will Zay feel and how will she get through this life changing work. This is Zay's journey as a Greaser, in Tulsa Oklahoma and with my gang.

Trilogy: - Curtis Sister, Zaylee Curtis 
              - Curtis Sister, Zaylee Curtis 2
              - Curtis Sister 3

*New covers coming soon for all three books.*

*The series was made awhile ago in 2016, but got published in mid 2016, they're not the best books. Sorry, for the inconvenience...*

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Yeah I was going to point that out in the ending of your book
She's 7,when I was 7 I cried when someone stole my crayon🖍💔😭
MendesL0ver MendesL0ver Jun 14
lol she's 7 and not afraid to fight people then here's my 13 year old looking ass afraid to even start drama