Fix Your Attitude (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Fix Your Attitude (Kylo Ren x Reader)

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You're an engineer, stationed at Starkiller. You're desperate for recognition in your career, but issues with your assignment (spoiler alert: it's the Command Shuttle) end up making you the clean-up crew, instead. Your annoyance with Kylo Ren lands you into some hot water. How many messes is he going to make you responsible for?

(Previously posted on Tumblr and AO3, uploaded to Wattpad per request! Cover by @im_an_emo_bitch_13.)


This is a very smut-heavy fanfic. Please don't read if you're uncomfortable with that.

Seriously. There is smut almost every other chapter. I wrote it with the express intention to feature a ton of smut. It is deliberately like this. Do not go in expecting anything different.

Tags on AO3 include:

Force Choke

Dubious Consent

Dom!Kylo Ren


Verbal Humiliation



Dirty Talk


Inappropriate Use of the Force

Keep the Mask On


Unsanitary Sex Location

Watch me make up a bunch of stuff about engineering

Naked Female Clothed Male

Inappropriate use of a Lightsaber

Cum Eating


Join me in my descent to the depths of Hell



Violent Sex

My soul's value decreases with every chapter

Orgasm Delay/Denial

Reader-chan makes poor decisions

Come for the fucking--stay for the feels

Now Post-TFA!

sub!Kylo Ren

Praise Kink

Crylo Ren

ashgate 2k16

Overhyped and Cringeworthy

The My Immortal of Generation Z

Specific warnings:
Ch 14: dub-con, violence, choking, bloodplay(ish), forced orgasm, lack of aftercare.
Ch 26: so much bloodplay, wound stuff, slapping, spitting, humiliation, delayed & ruined orgasm.
Ch 31: death, sexual assault
Ch 36: violence, choking, ash pit sex